Show Off Your Sports Gear with a Sports Fashion Shoot

We love sports gear here and we occasionally receive review items from various sports wear shops.

These same shops also occasionally ask us for ways to advertise their sports wear business, and how to make sure that they are reaching the right audience.

When it comes to showing off your products, you should be doing a sports fashion shoot. A sports fashion shoot makes your sports gear look more attractive, and also shows what it is capable of.

You can use the finished photos on practically any medium, from stadium photography graphics to your website.

All you have to do is to take beautiful photos to showcase what you have. Here are some tips for those who want to really show off their sports wear.

Hire a professional photographer
photographerThe first thing you need to do is to make sure that you hire a professional photographer. You can get someone who is either good at sports photography or is very knowledgeable with a different types of fashion shoots.

While there should be some level of glamour when it comes to doing a sports fashion shoot, it should be something a bit more on the functional side.

Use dynamic action shots and poses
photoshootWhen it comes to sports photography, dynamic action shots and poses are required as it will show off the true colours of your sports wear.

For example, show off the fact that your sports wear wicks moisture away from the body, or that it is extremely comfortable and stretchy.

For yoga wear for example, have the model pose in various yoga forms so that he or she can show off the sports wear.

Choose fit models
modelsNaturally, you should be choosing fit and attractive models.

A beautiful face, especially a well known face such as that of an athlete or a celebrity still helps you sell your sports wear. Choosing fit models can help you truly reach your target audience.

Make sure that the clothes fit on the model
It is always good to show a bit of diversity when choosing models. Along with fit, beautiful people, your target audience will also want to be able to relate to your models.

To show off your sports wear, have different body types wear them. This way, your audience will see how it will fit them and how the clothes move.

Well fitted clothes on the model also look more polished and professional.

Use proper lighting
Finally, you should always have proper lighting.

Whether you are doing a studio shoot or making photography graphics out on a stadium using a real sports team, you should always make sure that your lighting is on point and that your photographer can work in those conditions.

Here are some more tips on proper lighting on your shoot:

This is the best way to ensure that your sports wear is being shown to its full beauty.

Fitness is a Lifestyle for Kids Too


As a lover of health and fitness, I do my best to get every one into the same sort of lifestyle. I hate to be a cliche saying this but it is the truth–health is wealth and it is important to take care of ours no matter what, because if we don’t then it will truly lower the quality of our lives in the end.

And nobody will suffer but us ourselves. This of course doesn’t mean that we should not at all enjoy our lives and eat well, but of course it is good to consider that we need to take things in moderation.

Let’s Get it Moving Kids!

And of course since I advocate good health for everybody, I also advise parents to make sure that they take care of their children’s health too. An early start to a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference of course.

To begin with, children should already be eating a healthy, balanced diet. But top it off with the right amount of exercise and physical activity and you’ve got a recipe for a healthy child–and one that will stay healthy for years upon years to come.

If you are stumped however with how you can get your kids more physically active and more fit, here are a few ideas for some outdoor exercise for kids.

Do you remember when you were your child’s age and all you could think about was for school to end so that you could run straight for the playground?

Life was far more simple back then, a lot more fun too, don’t you agree? These days kids barely even look twice at playgrounds because they have all sorts of gadgets and things to keep them busy.

Personally I would like to bring playgrounds back–they can be fun after all (in fact they ARE fun), and surely children these days will realise the same thing if they only played at a playground a couple of times.

Do you remember how winded and tired you would get after playing at a playground all afternoon? Playgrounds are excellent outdoor activities!

Take your child to the park once in a while so they can enjoy nature and, well, have fun in the park! To make things even more exciting you can bring your pet if you have one. But if you don’t have any pets you can always have your child bring one or two of their friends.

Parks are great places to have fun–it’s an excellent place to play catch, or tag, or to teach them how to ride a bike.

bikingBikes and Hikes
Speaking of bikes, once your child knows how to ride one you can go on some easy bike trails. Or if not, then hiking is another idea.

They can learn much about nature on those trips, but at the same time they’ll be getting the physical activity that they need!

So there you go–just a few ideas on how you can get in some outdoor exercise for your kiddos!

Fitness for the Family Pet

Overweight LabradorMy parents have a Labrador named Goldie and they spoil her so much that she ended up overweight. When I visited their home, I was so surprised at how heavy Goldie has become and had to tell off my parents for overfeeding the animal. She had so much body fat that she was having difficulty walking, and would just sit around all day.

This is a pity because Labradors are a very active breed otherwise. I offered to temporarily take Goldie in so that I can help her lose weight. I do not have pets of my own, so it was no problem for me to take care of the family pet until she lost enough weight to be healthy again.

Labrador Care Tips

So, I decided to buy some new pet clothing and food to help her with her new diet regime. This is how I did it:

Buy healthy dog food
Pet Food AisleFirst thing I did to help our Labrador lose weight is to change her diet. I searched far and wide for the perfect diet pet food and eventually chose Fat Dog Slim for adults. I purchased both the dry and the wet versions to keep Goldie happy and healthy.

The wet dog food is made of British home grown lean chicken with brown rice and veggies. It is steamed to perfection and packaged into a clean foil tray. It is free from GM ingredients and preservatives, so I started our dog with this food before moving on to the kibble.

The dry dog food is made of similar ingredients, but dehydrated. The kibble is doughnut shaped to trick the dog into thinking that it is eating more than it is receiving. The first few days Goldie was on a diet, she kept whining and begging for more, but eventually gave up and got used to the new portion sizes.

Buy pet clothing for exercise
Labrador WinterIt was winter when I took Goldie in, so I had to get her to exercise without her getting cold. I bought her dog booties and a nice dog jacket that doubled as a harness and leash.

What I liked about it is that it is not only warm, but had several pockets too so that our Labrador can carry all of her accessories herself. I place small, healthy dog treats and her clean poo bags inside the pockets. I also have a doggie water bottle for her.

Buy exercise accessories
Labrador Playing BallI purchased a lot of exercise accessories to help Goldie adjust to her new healthy lifestyle. I started out with tug toys and sturdy balls for playing fetch. Goldie is still a Labrador and loves to run after the balls whenever she can, though she will lie down and feel tired after a while. As she started losing weight, I bought her an obstacle course that she can jump and run through. It burns a lot of calories.

After several months, Goldie has lost all of the weight and is ready to return home to my parent’s home. I still take her out every weekend to help her keep her exercise regime, and she is a much happier dog now.

What Kind of Clothes Should You Wear for Physiotherapy?

When I was just starting out on my fitness journey, I had myself injured while running because I did not warm up and stretch properly. I ended up with a bad knee that had to be operated on before I can go back to exercising. To help me recover, my doctor advised that I attend sports physio every week until my leg is strong enough to hold up my weight again.

Since I was still new and did not have the vast array of fitness outfits that I do today, I asked my physiotherapist what kind of clothes I should be purchasing for my weekly physio sessions. He gave me a list of things that I would need, but I decided to purchase other things too as an optional choice.

Physiotherapy 101

He decided that it was for the best that I purchased the optional things as well, because I refused to wear the compression clothes offered at the physio clinic for hygienic reasons (I am sure that they kept it clean, but I was not comfortable wearing something that other people have worn in the past).

When choosing clothes for physiotherapy, it is best to always ask your therapist first. Sports physio often include clothing for very specific types of injuries, so before you buy anything, make sure that you follow through with the one in charge of your treatment first.

Compression stockings
Depending on your condition, compression stockings are perhaps the most common article of clothing prescribed by physiotherapists. Compression stockings are specialised hosiery that provide equal and constant pressure around the legs and joints to prevent injuries or to heal them.Physio Compression StockingsI had to use them during my physio sessions because it helped support my knee and kept my blood circulation going. In fact, the stockings are also used for those suffering from venous disorders which can include oedema, phlebitis, and thrombosis.

Compression shirts and shorts
Compression shirts and shorts are typically used to keep the muscles warm during a workout, which prevents you from cooling down too fast and performing more poorly. Compression clothes are often used by athletes to keep their body temperatures stable while performing.Physio Compression ShortsHowever, those who are undergoing physio therapy can also benefit from compression clothing on their body to help them keep their temperatures regulated while in therapy.

Thigh and hamstring supports
LegThigh and hamstring supports keep thigh injuries in check during physiotherapy. It protects the quadriceps, the hamstrings, and thigh strains in check to prevent further injury and to provide additional support.

Knee and ankle supports
The knee and the ankle are often prone to injury while working out because of the strain placed on these joints. Knee and ankle supports provide additional stability to a knee or ankle joint, especially if they have been damaged or dislocated in the past. It keeps the joints safe and sound and helps the knee recover.

There are of course, other kinds of sports wear that you can use during physiotherapy. These are just some of the most common ones that I encountered during my own therapy sessions.

Warehouse Shopping Tips When Looking for Sports Equipment

warehouse shop

If you are buying sports equipment, it is best to go shopping at a warehouse, especially if you plan on going to a surplus warehouse.

Warehouse shopping is cheaper than other kinds of retail shopping because storage is much cheaper – no need to display or even unpack the items. They are just placed there and priced depending on the item.


Another great thing about warehouse shopping is that you get to find items that you would otherwise not find anywhere else. Surplus warehouses typically will have items available on hand, so don’t be afraid to check what they have.

For those who have never tried warehouse shopping before, here are some tips to get you started:

Figure out what you plan to buy

670px-Start-an-Online-Store-Step-2-Version-2Warehouse shopping is not as friendly for window shopping as other retailers, so you may want to figure out first what you want to buy.

I once wanted to buy a treadmill, so prepared a budget and headed over to our local sports warehouse to check what treadmills they have available.

Some warehouses have online inventories available too, so you can check the pricing and the availability online. Just make sure that you test out the item first before you purchase it.

Compare prices with other stores

While warehouse shopping is typically more affordable than other types of retailers, it is still best to compare prices.

If you buy a second hand, surplus item at a warehouse only to find out that the local sports shop is selling the same item brand new and at 40% off, you may end up with the worse deal.


Always ask for assistance when shopping

You will often notice a flexible barrier in the warehouse – this is a safety feature that prevents objects from bumping into the shelving racks and getting injured.

I have benefited from those flexible barriers too, because I once lost control of my heavy shopping cart and ended up running head long into the shelf.

Luckily, the barrier was soft and cushioned the impact, so I did not do any harm to myself or to the shelf. Those were industrial grade barriers after all, and are designed for impacts much heavier than an out of control shopping cart.

Since then, I have always asked for assistance when shopping at a warehouse. Safety economyfeatures such as soft, flexible barriers are good and all, but I would rather avoid injury in the future by simply asking someone else to help me.

Use coupons if you have them

To make the most out of your warehouse shopping experience, try to use coupons if you have them. I received a coupon that gave me 10% off for everything purchased off the sports section.

I bought a lot of new essentials, including running clothes, sweat bands, dumb bells, and even a new yoga mat. Warehouse shopping is a great experience for sports lovers. It is affordable, easily accessible, and saves you a pretty penny.